Shortcuts and Trap doors

  Before I get started let’s be clear…I am in no way shape or form, judging, or knocking anyone’s hustle . I’m not bitter about my position in comparison to others because I’m too busy focusing on my own grass . However, it was heavy on my spirit to say this :
 Yes, everyone has a past and you had to do what you felt you had to in order to survive . Yes, you grind hard for yours and somehow some way you made it to the top True, you had to get a little “dirty” and broke a few rules, but now you got your money , fame , man , car , house , business, and stamps on your passport. Turned it all around and you are “clean” as you start a new path.

Yet the sad reality is people on the outside looking in your world , whether it be on social media , reality TV, or just word of mouth don’t know the ugly side of the game . The hell you had to go through to just get a piece of “heaven”. How no matter how things may appear your story isn’t over and tomorrow isn’t promised .

 These followers have no clue what they are getting into. they’re signing up for some shit they just may not be built for. The probability of success in this game is lower than your chances of getting signed to the league . This isn’t a game of chess !! This is Russian roulette !!! And every move and risk you take is yet another spin and pull on that trigger. That’s what hurts me the most. But the harsh reality is ignorance is bliss and still to this day, no matter how high the body count,
AIDS rate,
constant reports of conspiracy that leads to incarceration,
broken homes,
the quiet loom of karma,
and many other vices of this game that people are well aware of , they are STILL willing to risk it “all” for a handful of fool’s gold.



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