Midnight soundtrack *Have you heard *

Click to experience James Blake : life round here via YouTube

Part time love is the life for me …. We’re never done ❣

 Have You ever experienced a cut so deep you could literally close your eyes and reenact a moment of forbidden bliss . A moment in your life where you and someone had no clue where you were Headed but the passion between the two of you was all that matters at that moment ? The confusion of why you can’t get enough of this person can drive you up the wall . Yet no matter how far or how long you try to isolate yourself or fight that feeling burning inside some how  some way you always end up “at square one “?? 

 Almost like twin flames beautiful yet dangerous together ? 

If the answer is yes click the link I gifted you for tonight or if you have Apple Music pull it up on your playlist. Lay back , close your eyes , get lost in the music and allow yourself to reminisce a little bit . And if that person is still in your life or may have finally became your better half then  take the time out to flashback on some of those carefree nights you use to share . πŸ˜‰

Enjoy and you’re welcome πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


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