Midnight soundtrack *Have you heard *

Click link to hear Thank you by :Estelle via sound cloud

“…So I thank you for making me a woman .😏✌🏽️”

This artist and track is a classic so it really needs no introduction . Thank you by Estelle tells a story that we all lived a time or two . I chose this song because it matches perfectly with my latest blog . 

Becoming a woman you learn to find the good in goodbye and strength to push through the pain . We regardless of the situation we are never victims just students . We learn from each tear and learn how to break cycles that will ultimately make you a better woman . Some women. Choose to be bitter after heartbreak and wish their exes Ill will . But not me !! I wish them all well and thank them for the hell they put me through. Because at the end of the day i learned something new about myself that sharpened my iron . They opened my eyes to things I was so naive about as well as forced me to look myself in the mirror and face my own demons . 

Yes ‼️‼️‼️ It hurt like hell but I’m still alive and you know what they say about “what doesn’t kill you “😏😏💪🏽 It only make you stronger . So thanks boo 😚 I ain’t mad at cha ❣✌🏽️


3 thoughts on “Midnight soundtrack *Have you heard *”

  1. thank you for introducing me to this lovely voice………..
    and you are right…….life is too short to spare even a moment for hate. And if somebody is spreading hate, it almost becomes an obligation that we spread love and not hold grudges.

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