Confessions of a Black Lotus.

my past was filled with a bunch of fluff !  I never figured out what I did so wrong for certain people to cause so much turmoil in my life . I wish I was wiser back then … All I really wanted was to be loved . Yet I didn’t know what love was and was unable to love myself . I was so busy trying to be someone else to “fit in” that I lost myself. Through it all I have learned a lot from life’s lesson and am much stronger than before. Yet I’m extremely protective of who I allow inside . Some people can’t accept it while others have been oh so patient with me.  To those very few people thank you so much and I love you for loving “me” unconditionally.💕💕 #forBetterorWorse


  1. It’s better you choose to forget. To shut doors and turn towards the open ones. To open new doors and cherish those to whom you mean something. Whose lives would be incomplete without you, like yours would be without them!

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  2. The past is past……let it rest…….and there should be no conditions on love…..except of unconditional love……….
    and one thing i have learned from all i have had to face is…….never compromise on who you are and who you want to be……its your vision and if someone refuses to see or acknowledge it…….your life will definitely be better without them….!!!
    prayers and best wishes……. 🙂 🙂
    Also I have nominated you for Mystery blogger award……..should you choose to accept, go here:


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