Sweet simplicity ❣ oh how I miss thee❣ take me back to the days we valued classic beauty ❣ 

“Be your own kind of beautiful.”

If only we could go back to the days where this was the definition of black beauty then maybe so many of us wouldn’t be so obsessed about going under the knife or needle. *sigh* …. Hair , makeup, or even lashes are okay but everything else is quite extreme to me. I use to want something that didn’t belong to me … Then I turned thirty lol!!! Now I’m blessed with a bit too much. In so many words just keep it simple ladies we are all Gods creation at the end of the day. If u do it do it for u!’ If it’s to fit in then you will never be satisfied because there will always be someone better… It’s the way of life. Embrace it then embrace you ❤️😍😍😍☺️👏✏️📜 


  1. I used to think if I just had a B cup I’d be happy… then a C cup… then thinner thighs… I hit 40, and a calm content feeling came behind it. I’m good as is. I wish I’d felt that at 16 through 39!

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  2. Trust even back then they rocked wigs like nobody’s business, just up’ed them one with better makeup and lacefronts lol


    1. What I wrote about wasn’t about simple enhancements. I even said there’s nothing wrong with things of that nature because yes make up, wigs ,lashes , and even body shapers have been out for decades . My main concern is the excessive cosmetic surgery and ultimately their reasons for doing it . Which unfortunately usually has more to do with fitting in versus just something they actually wanted to get done for their personal reasons .


  3. I agree with you. I am not a fan of what young girls feel they have to look like these days. Natural beauty, and a little something to enhance it is best. Not all of this overly done drag queen makeup, and plastic surgery.

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  4. I find it sad that we can get so lost in our appearance and how others think that we should look. And that today it’s done to the degree that we often neglect so many other important aspects of our lives.

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  5. Ive always said Dorthy Dandrige is my Marilyn Monroe. Seriously this whole beat face culture, no offense is breeding a new generation of women drag queens to me. Its too much but men really love less…so thanks for the post you are right.

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    1. Thank you so much and I totally agree . This new era baffles me at times ..smh! Teenagers look like adults trying to “keep up” with the culture . And it really sad to me. I just pray this will die down before I bring a young queen into this world .


  6. I almost went under the knife to get out of he IBTC. but I am so glad that I didn’t. Thankful for the conviction that came over me before my appointment. I even loss money but I’m good with that!

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