Confessions of a Black Lotus Pt.7 (Petals )

When I was younger I use to love laying in a secluded spot with myself or friends and cloud watch while the wind freely through our hair and ears lol . As we laid there in silence we would watch the clouds slowly drift by and shape shift into the most peculiar shapes . We would squint , point , and giggle as we gave our opinion of what those mystical clouds reminded us of . I truly do miss those days. Therefore now it seems as though the only time I get a moment of peace like this is when in on the road . I glimpse up at times and am speechless on what I’m missing out on . Which is why I snap these shots when the opportunity arrives . 

 it’s crazy how people assume I’m so complex or hard to please . If you really got to know me you would discover I find joy In the most peculiar things . I’m far from materialistic which mean I value time more than. Money . I find comfort in silence versus noise . But the type of silence I speak of is something unexplainable . But the few times I am given the opportunity to experience it .I cherish every moment of it praying one day it will never end ☺️😍😌😇🙏🏾


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