The first step !


     Whoever stated “The hardest part of any journey is thanking the first step.” Never lied !!!! In regards to fitness we all have our own goals and visions on how we desire our bodies to be. But the issue that arrives for the majority of us is once reality sets in on what attaining that goal requires! Being a worker , student , parent or anything else that falls into the category of “adulting” can be used as the number one bail out for following through with your fitness journey. 

   Why ? Because making a commitment to change your lifestyle requires Time and Money !! When you hit a certain age we can at times become creatures of habit due to us repeating the same routine during and after your work week. Therefore out of stubbornness some feel as though tossing in another task to juggle time wise can be an nuisances . OH and please let’s not forget that in order to live healthy it’s imperative to eat healthy as well. This may require some to revamp your whole kitchen which is yet another hand pinching your pockets along with a gym membership , work out gear and attire !! Some people catch a whiff of that and instantly have a change of heart . 

  These are a few of the reasons why I stress the importance of planning and researching before even attempting your first day. Now don’t get me wrong plenty of people posses the ability to spontaneously take on challenges without any issues. But for most this is easier said then done . Stepping into your fitness journey with a blueprint in hand can be very beneficial as well as prevent you from being stagnant . For instance you may get super hype about getting that gym membership for a dollar down with your friends. So you all go on a whim sign-up all gung-ho and you may even start the first week or two give or take strong. But then “it” happens, one girl gets swamped with work , the other is under the weather due to personal problems and your other homegirl is a flake . Now you’ve set your mind on this being a group effort to stay motivated yet now that your team fell off you’ve ran out of steam . This may seem funny to some but this is really how things transpire.  

 Having your own plan and making your own personal blueprint prevents small distractions. It’s perfectly fine to bring a friend but don’t depend on others to pull you forward all the time ! You need to be locked in to the point that you’re going to workout no matter what . Even if you can’t make it to the gym you already looked up some circuits you can do at home . In regards to researching we all know that working out and eating right goes hand in hand . So depending on your body goals some sacrifices must be made ! Therefore you can’t get mad at the scale or your trainer if you’re still at home and work eating wrong . At the end of the day you’re only cheating yourself therefore the only person you can be mad at is yourself. I can attest to this because I have endured this time after time AFTER TIME!! Yes , I did lose weight and created a regimen that worked for me and stuck with it . But if only you knew how many times I had to start over due to me breaking the cycle due to minor setbacks. Everytime you relapse you have to go back to square one and retake that ” first step”. Yes it can get hella repetitive and discouraging at times but if you want it bad enough you will fall off as many times as it takes to get it right and Stick to it . 

 Just so we are clear This blog is really just a journey or journal of my trials and errors . No im not just going to post some random workout plan , body wrap , food supplement , or magic pill that I know nothing of and tell you it’s the answer to your prayers. I believe that everybody isn’t the same therefore results may vary . The things I post about will be things I’ve actually tried or swear by. I will share my results but I encourage you to utilize this page like a cookbook lol!! Meaning if you like what you see try it out for yourself . But feel free to add your own little twist or spice to it . When you make something your own then it’s easier to flow with it instead of having to constantly go back to the page to double check . I’m not a certified trainer so I myself research things and through trial and error I find what fits me . Safety is key so it’s always good to be knowledgeable of the proper way to handle equipment and weights. This also applies to supplements and oils because some things have to be stored properly, only taken a certain amount of times ,should not be consumed by people with certain health problems and shouldn’t be mixed with certain things. I look forward to you all subscribing to my page , following my journey, trying out some of my methods and discoveries , as well as sharing with me your feedback and stories as well. I have so much to share and this is my first time attempting to document everything so this is a challenge for me . There will be a few kinks here and there but in time you will witness my transition as well as yours ! With that being said are you ready yet ? If so let’s get it !! If not I’ll be here waiting on you !❤️ if and when you decide to take your first Official Step towards a new you please comment your day one date in the comment section below ! Also if you already started but decide to subscribe still share with us your day one date as well ! 

Until next time be blessed and stay strong ! 


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