Pressing the reset button with Something new !

Hello hello , 

I know it took me a billion light years but I am officially back on track . As I mentioned before the hardest part is taking the first step ! But another challenge is locking in !! Adulting can truly be a pain at times ! Like there are times that I feel as though there’s just not enough hours in the day ! Seen when I first launched this site I had one night job and a crap load of free time . Then I picked up a second job and booked a acting project which shifted my schedule tremendously. I barely had enough time to eat dinner yet alone sleep it was rough in the beginning. With the windows of

My free time became smaller and smaller so did my motivation to go to the gym . 

  Another thing that happened was I made a few bad decisions! Even though I wasn’t working out I was still hella active since

Both of my jobs require movement and I still stayed faithful to my diet ( no refined sugars, processed food and alcohol) I was still small . But I started losing weight which wasn’t the plan . So I started reading up on things I could eat that would help me pick my weight back up . I ended up opting for dried mangoes and another type of fruit which were within my guidelines but was calorie packed . BUT I failed to acknowledging the fact that the sugar in dried fruit was high which is a huge negative. It took no time for my flat little tummy to poke out slightly smh! So of course I had to trash that concept !! Well after I finished what I bought because I hate wasting money ! 

  After I negated that I was back on track but I’ve yet and still have been able to find time to workout. Granted I do go from time to time and walked and hiked Stone Mountain I still do not have a ironclad workout regimen. Working two jobs or just long shifts you may find yourself super tired at times which causes you to seek a pick me up. I was feeling groggy day in and out and it was rather frustrating. Which is why I chose to start something new this time around . This week I’ve really switched it up by juicing , drinking alkaline water and only eating fruit and vegetables for breakfast and lunch . These first two days I made a kale superfoods salad , fried cauliflower and mushrooms, and vegan cookies. For dinner I indulge in a protein packed piece of salmon with my kale salad .

   It’s only been three days but I must be honest and say I feel the difference and my days go so much smoother. I’m not groggy anymore and I don’t have crazy cravings anymore . Even with the cookies even though they are delicious I don’t feel compelled to eat a bunch only one or two max through out 24 hours . I am known to have a mean sweet tooth so that’s major for me ! Body wise I’m back to my original weight but I still have a few things I desire to tweak once I can get back into the gym like I want . I’m finally adjusting to my new schedule so im happy to be able to blog again ! With saying that I would love to receive feedback as well as read what you would like to gain from following My fitness journey. I will be posting food vlogs soon which I am extremely excited about amongst other things . 

Well in closing I hope you guys have been getting summer ready and I shall return ! Below I posted my monthly check in pic and I’m going to try my best to post one every month to see if my body has changed through out my journey. 😊



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