“Careless whispers”

The devil doesn’t come dressed in red capes and pointy horns ! He comes dressed as everything you wished for …

“Some people genuinely wanna see you win 
while others wanna see you on your ass , 
then there’s the ones that want you behind them,
And the ones wolves that just prefer you on your back ! 

The reality is either way you can obtain the same results just the honest route is usually avoided by these detours ! 😞. But is a come up really worth your dignity ? Are your dreams worth what will eventually haunt you once you become a mother, father or even just a “role model ” 

The sad part is that so many will quickly whisper “yes”! 😒 why oh why are we so quick to “fall to our knees” for the wrong gods? 


One thought on ““Careless whispers””

  1. It took several lessons on detours for me to eventually learn my lesson. However I can say that for the past two years I have been following my heart instead of my ears and it has changed my life for the better. It’s never too late for change.

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