Confessions of a Black Lotus Pt.11

Sometimes in life the voices of doubt scream so loud that’s it’s difficult to hear your voice of reason .

Sometimes there’s really nothing left ..

Sometimes you lose sight and your world goes dark …

you can feel yourself sinking deeper into that vortex of despair …

But Don’t panic!! this is just a part of life and you’re not alone .

The reality is life just like any long journey has hills and valleys !

Inclimate weather and unexpected blackouts !

Snares , traps  and quicksand !

There will be hardships and there will be tears !

But don’t panic

Get out of your head

Don’t give up

Breathe easy

Hold tight

Keep faith

Because just like every other obstacle you thought will kill you .

Most definitely shall not !

~~ sincerely ,

(A habitual survivor )


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