“Sometimes the worst place you can be is in your head.”

So many haters!👀 So many players!👀So many phony people!👀So many hurdles!👀Maybe it’s not meant for you to makeit!👀Maybe all men are dogs!👀Maybe all of your friends are snakes!👀Or maybe …ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD ‼️…….

I know I write a lot about toxic friend and relationships. But with this particular blog, I’m going to speak on another toxic situation that some choose to overlook which is the habit of over thinking which ultimately results in self-sabotage.

*Self-sabotaging is when a person creates problems that interfere with their long-standing goals.*

So many people are doing this and not even knowing it because the scars from their past cut so deep that it automatically reprogrammed that person’s way of thinking. No different from adopting a child or even a pet from the shelter. If they came from an abusive home then they are automatically in defense mode.  With a wall built and ready to fight to protect the little piece of sanity they have left. Being hurt in any shape, form or fashion doesn’t feel good and nobody wants to continue to endure that type of pain.

With that being said a overthinkers actions are rightfully justifiable. But on the other hand, people who have experienced adversity cannot allow their past to continue to hinder their future.  You have to allow yourself a designated time to heal and then move forward with your life  !! You are only cheating yourself when you choose to wear the title of “the victim” almost as a security blanket in order to justify your toxic habits and over thinking.That’s when you begin to self-sabotage your own joy and you become your biggest problem !!

The harsh reality is No one wants to accept the fact that sometimes the only thing keeping you from attaining your goals is YOU!  YES, It’s perfectly fine to learn from your pain, be more selective on who is in your circle, and be more calculated when it comes down to the decisions you make in life. But you have to find a realistic balance when doing so. So give yourself time to heal then HEAL DAMNIT!! Stop picking that scab, stop crying a river, stop choosing to remain the victim, Stop blaming and punishing people in your present due to your past, and last but not least stop sabotaging your happiness. I know I said this before but that cannot be stressed enough.

On a side note, No self-sabotaging isn’t done just through how you treat others but also how you treat yourself. Some people fail to realize how powerful the tongue truly is. If you live a life of self-doubt and speak nothing but negative things about yourself then why would you be surprised when negative things keep happening? It is imperative that you have faith in yourself because if not how can you expect people to have faith In you. This theory also applies to loving yourself as well. Once you change your way of thinking you will gradually see things change around you. It may not happen overnight and that’s perfectly fine. Every day is a new chance for a new beginning therefore if you backslide it’s ok. Just learn from it vow to make the next day that much better. Once you heal from within then you will see a change in your friend and relationships.

This is something I myself use to suffer from so I can honestly say it can feel easier said than done at times. But once you break that first wall down each day will get easier and easier. Trust me❣💕


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