Confessions of a black lotus pt.2

I’ve never been the one to judge because it’s so easy to fall short !! I’ve experienced moments when I was spiraling out of control with the slightest clue what triggered it . I’ve submitted myself to things I would’ve never imagined . I’ve been spiritually and mentally stabbed many times from ones I thought I would die without . I’ve begged a man to stay kissing his ego without trying to heal mine . I’ve given up on life , myself , my future. I’ve cried and cried and cried and cried !!! And to be real … I still cry but my tears will not be in vain ! My tears will one day reach the masses ,heal the broken hearted and even save a life ! I have faith in these things as I love myself back to “life” and pick up the broken pieces I have trailed along the years like bread crumbs.And that alone brings me joy ❣

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  1. Great post “Experience ” is the best teacher I have experienced things to a certain extent as well and it helped me Overstand the essence of the problem which was ME… My way of thinking and false sense of reality which was my teacher at times…I’m sorry you had to experience so much but every lesson is a blessing… And your post if people read them or blogs will be helpful to someone to prevent them from experiencing the same thing…

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