The Power of Forgiveness 

“Forgiveness is not about letting someone off the hook for their actions , but freeing ourselves of negative energies that binds us to them” 🙏🏾💯
***some people think I’m crazy for forgiving certain people from my past . But when you have been through hell who really wants to give your past that much power over you. Hate is a serious word!! And I don’t wish death or malice to anyone no matter what may or may not have happened . I refuse to harbor hate and resentment like a cancer!!! I refuse to be bitter over a storm God has brought me through in my right mind!!! Yeah it happened and yes I always hear that ” if it was me I would’ve done XYZ” . But guess what it wasn’t you and you never know what you may do until you’re actually in that situation . A lot of people choose to hate but I’m a lover !! I forgive because I am Forgiven!! Will I forget No!!! Will I cross that path again ?? Lord No!! But what I will and have done is made peace with the situation and made closure with any and everyone . I have decided to become a woman and move forward with my life !! I decided to leave my baggage and burdens behind that gate!! My goal is to be the best me I can be . Everything else isn’t my battle . Karma is real … Do you agree ?? Well if so why would u waste so much time and energy fighting And wishing malice on your enemy?? Just forgive them and pray about it. Everything else is none of your business .

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