“Be calm and Be kind .”

You never know who life you’ve changed or saved by a simple hello or smile. ☺️ Also keep in mind that sometimes your battle may plague your attitude for the day (or even week). No we shouldn’t allow certain things to get the best of us but at the end of the day we ALL are human. Therefore if we all have our moments why can’t the next person have theirs????
It’s because of this I try to step outside of my feelings before I react to an action because “you never really know ” . Now don’t get me wrong I am well aware that There are some dark people out there that lash out or are just flat out confrontational. People like that are battling with something that we as human beings can’t physically fight. So going tit for tat in the long run will ultimately only make you as foolish as that person. Therefore kindness is key …. And if it’s that serious just pray about it .. Because that battle isn’t yours !! heck come to think of it your battles aren’t even yours !! now isn’t that awesome !!!!

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