Trials , Tests and Testimonies ! 

Life is funny …….

lesson and tests every direction you turn . Then the moment you think you have the answer your final equation is questioned . Like what is your definition of happiness ? Love ? Stability? Friendship ? Family ? Freedom? Are you sure ?? Is that your final answer?? Okay well let me throw this in the mix !now how do you feel? You sure you’re ready for this ? Are you positive you’re done with that ? Is this really your destiny? Are you sure ?? When hypotheticals turn into real life scenarios the ugly truth may bring you to tears or even to your knees!!! Are you going get up and prove what you stand for is right ?? Or are you going to break under pressure?? I’ve never pledged before but I’ll never forget witnessing the big day when it was time to cross over to that plot!!! All of those people blocking the way !!! And you witness those people fighting to get inside where they’ve been working hard and waiting patiently for. That my friend is how it feels for your faith and happiness to be tested !! A constant fight !! A never ending struggle !! At the end it’s worth every tear. But if you break under pressure you will spend the rest of your life with endless “what ifs”.✍🏾🌟 


  1. It is so much harder being an adult than anyone told me! You are so right, the trials and tribulations they come and they come often. My faith is the only thing that gets me through. I sometimes waver but by the grace of God I find the strength to push through and God is ALWAYS on the other side waiting there for me.

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  2. So inspiring! I tend to get discouraged when I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s always important for me to keep encouraging myself! Thank you so much for your encouraging post 🙂

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  3. Yes! My life has literally been one trial (and testimony) after another. I used to ask why me because I was such a “good” person. A friend once told me that it’s always easy to be a good person when things are going well but the true test of someone’s goodness is when things go the opposite as planned.

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