Confessions of a Black Lotus Pt. 5 

If you willing open your heart to an unstable situation and the end result is betrayal or heartbreak .You didn’t get played … You actually played yourself. 

  It’s crazy because there is a well known quote that states ” anything worth having is worth fighting for ” but worth having in who’s eyes?? Because everything we want is ultimately something we never needed not to mention everything we want may not wAnt you. Yet toxic relationships and lustful binds are for some reason what people see as “worth the fight” .. But why??? If you’ve been knocked out more than once and you have more bruises then victories it’s time for you to tap out . Some people feed off of confusion and people’s pain . And then some people live for that drama and believes in their heart that if it doesn’t hurt it isn’t love . ……. How dreadfully unfortunate is that 😓 

The way of the world can be tricky at times …. Especially if you are an owner of a nurturing heart and gentle soul . You find yourself finding Beauty in the ugliest things . Having faith that love and faith will always prevail when it doesn’t. Not because none of those things exist but in order for it to come to fruition the other person must believe in it as well.  

  So never give lock the door to your heart but be carful who you open that door to . Never stop fighting but just don’t jump into the ring of a loosing battle . Yes love is worth the fight but it’s never suppose to hurt . Physically , mentally,or spiritually . You may think you deserve that person but in all actuality YOU DESERVE BETTER!!!!!! Don’t continue to block your blessings holding on to dead and destructive things or people. Have enough faith in yourself to move forward. …. 


  1. You are so right! Sometimes, in love, we fight for the idea or the potential of a relationship that isn’t worth having. I think sometimes we need to know when to through our hands up and put our hearts first. If your putting out more than you are putting in, its not worth it. Great read!

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  2. YASSSSS!! This is something more women (and men) need to read. Settling because they don’t think they deserve more, better, or healthier relationships! God wants nothing but the best for you so why not have and be open to receiving the best? Thank you for sharing this nugget of gold! 💖

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