Riddle me this ❣️

Why are some Blessed people so bitter ? 

I see so many people on my TL that are experiencing great things yet are so bitter ! Yes people have and probably always will doubt me and my dreams . But I’m thankful for my adversity . So please believe when this Door finally opens for me the last thing I’m gonna do is waste a second of my life to post stuff to “stunt” or talk down to people that are still trying to make it . 

Money comes and goes and tomorrow is never promised therefore being full of yourself  will do nothing but block ur blessings . Not to mention make yourself a walking target .  In my In my opinion I strongly believe that if your point in life is to prove others wrong then you will never be happy because you’re constantly putting on a show . Therefore you are merely a slave to your naysayers. You should strive to the point that what others think don’t matter . Let your joy be your motivation not others hate . Then instead of you appearing to be a target you will be an inspiration to the next person and in return help someone else want better in their lives . Because In reality at the end of the day that’s what it’s suppose to be all about . Making your footprint in the sands of time . Right ? 

 Or you can continue to be bitter and choose to step on others to get to the Top. Just keep in mind that You may be at the top of the mountain now but don’t be so consumed with trying to get everyone to notice that you fail to see the two people behind you that are about to push you over . 


  1. Nailed it. Even I don’t understand what pleasure do people get when they constantly try to show off how their life is like when in reality it maybe the other way around.

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