Riddle Me This …

Why do some women use sex as a “weapon”?  When misusing your “Power” can ultimately leave you “Powerless “…

Sex is a game , a weapon, a toy , a joy , a trance , an enlightenment, a loss , a hope.”- sallie tisdale

Some people call it  “P” power because they use sex as a weapon . But such as any weapon when you don’t know what you’re doing “playing with fire “can ultimately cause self inflicted pain.

I have no clue how this plague started ! The plague that has poisoned so many women’s minds from youth till now . What exactly happened that made certain women treat their bodies as an “asset” and not their temple ? What caused some of us to compensate sex with love ? When some feel lonely they’re so quick to make a phone call to “mr. Wrong ” to feel complete even if it is for that moment . Some even use it to attain validation or to even climb the “ladder ” of “success”.

Some think they’ve got it all figured out but in reality their spiraling out of control. You lose sense of reality and some even become numb . Some become infected, some become addicted, some even cause self inflicted pain , some even end up where they’ve literally and figuratively bent over backwards for years not to be and that’s alone .

“So many years of education yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important.”

How was this seed planted ? Could it really be possible that so many “silent cries” have been left unheard ?? 😪
I pray for my future daughter daily . I pray that I stay attentive and love her to The moon and back. I pray that she is blessed with a father that will love her unconditionally and open her eyes to the things I was never taught as a child . I pray my little girl will look in the mirror everyday and see her crown and realize her true power isn’t between her legs but between her ears…


  1. I’ve never used my sexuality or the giving of sex as a weapon but I have been guilty of seeing it as a bargaining point. In a marriage this can be so dangerous and I had to learn that quickly. Sex is a gift between you and your partner. One you give to each other not based on conditions but love.

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