Invisible Scars 

Invisible scars take the longest to heal because you honestly don’t know where or when you’ve been hit . We carry on thinking its a little damage when we are internally hemorrhaging. Causing long term or even life threatening damage . People ridicule us because they don’t understand that if we really knew the root to our problems we would’ve never allowed ourselves to sink this deep . Our friends feel as though they have failed us but it’s no fault of theirs either because how can u fight what you can’t see . Mental and verbal abuse can be cancerous when it starts from your childhood .

We constantly shadow box fighting to be normal . Fighting for our joy , trying to solve this rubrics cube we have been given . Praying ,meditating , and calculating . Who triggered this feeling ? Why is it so hard to see my worth ? Why did they give up on me ? Will I always be the black sheep ? Who am I ? And if what they said about me is true, then why am I still here ?

I know some may assume that if its that serious why don’t we ask for help . Well see ,a lot of us as adults don’t ask for help because people ignored our cries as a child for so long. Being accused of overreacting , over exaggerating, told to shut up ,suck it up and so on ! Eventually you get tired of being ridiculed so you become numb to the pain and wear one of the prettiest masks money can’t buy . Some even try to black out the painful words and moments that caused this . Not knowing their hurting theirselves more in the long run …

This isn’t a self help blog because I am no doctor and I myself am still healing myself . There are so many of us populating this earth blending in , roaming on autopilot because they’ve programmed theirselves to “fit”, some eventually will reveal their true colors but some also slip through the cracks. Some may not believe me but how many times have you heard , read or saw on the news about a person committing suicide and the first thought that cross your mind was ” why would they do that ? That person looked so happy ! That person was rich ! That person had a beautiful family ! Man that person was always the life of the party or kept a smile on everyone’s face ! “And any other positive attributes that would make the grim news unbelievable? Just think about it …

I wish I had the answer to this epidemic lord knows I do . But only thing I can suggest is keep your eyes open don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the “bells and whistles ” and if he or she ever finds the courage to come to you for help or comfort PLEASE BE THERE!! 


  1. People forget that physical violence is a crime, and verbal abuse is minimized, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Therapy helps of course, but writing is also cleansing. I admire your bravery and appreciate you sharing your story. You are helping others to cope and that’s wonderful. Stay strong! Hugs…

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  2. I think most people carry around scars from hurtful words directed at them as children. Helps me remember to always be kind and generous with my kiddo. Thank you!

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    1. Yes it seems as when we are kids we retain so much . Especially if it’s never really clarified or resolved . Almost like a broken home . Not sure why but most kids automatically believe they’re at fault in some twisted way.


  3. Your words are so true. It’s imperative that we help others when they need and reserve judgement, we never know what another person is going through or how long they’ve been going through it. Kindness and compassion are so important in our society and we need to use them more often when dealing with others.

    NCsquared Life

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