“The Lying game” ( where some get played and some willingly volunteer)

✍🏾in a perfect world lying tongues wouldn’t exist and everyone would value that priceless thing called time . But it isn’t and due to that opportunist are amongst us. We all fall victim of foolery every now and then because the people tend to eat lies when their Heart is hungry. But it comes a time on our lives when we have to grow up and learn from our scars.

Sometimes opening your eyes may be the most painful thing you ever have to do.

Sometimes what’s best for us (letting go or solitude) isn’t what we truly want so we choose to be blind to the writings on the wall. But truth be told holding on to pain is keeping you from your joy . If you are hoarding bullshit you will never have room for your blessings. Not saying people don’t change BUT the only person that can change a man is THAT MAN. Therefore if you keep allowing him to get away with whatever why would he change 🤔🤔 hell he has no reason too ‼️ we all have been “spoiled ” before so think back to when you use to get your way …. But a time came when you may have over crossed your boundaries and grandma, mom, dad , grandpa , or whosoever had to tell your ass no ! 😂😂😂
No but seriously stand your ground ladies and protect your heart ! If you get that gut feeling just walk away before you get in too deep . True love and friendship is out here for all of us ‼️ each and everyone of us so there is no need to feel as though you have to share with ANYONE!

Okay not gonna get too long winded but you get my drift !

Stay strong ladies ❣ and when in doubt pray ❣✊🏽🙏🏾

With love ,



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