Imitation Of Life (How soon some forget in order to “fit in”)

There are so many people in this world that have grown up the city of low expectations and constant tight casting. But everyone is not the product of their environment. The issue with that is once some people make it out they have this never look back mentality. Once that happens they begin to try to “pretend” it never happened in order to fit in to the society that has welcomed them in due to their status versus who they really are. Only giving back when it’s televised or viral to continue to play this role that you are selfless instead of the selfish person you have become. People wear masks daily and it’s very unfortunate because when you refuse to look back you fail to see that one person behind you that you could’ve saved. Not with your money but with your time. Not with your status but with your story. SO many people give up because they aren’t strong enough mentally and for some strange reason they really think they are “the only one” enduring this battle. But they aren’t because you were there before!! You were labeled a nobody before!! Your dreams were laughed at once upon a time!!! Your family disowned you!! Your first love betrayed you!! You lost it all!! You’ve been abused and had people you trusted turn their back on you!! But guess what you made it!! Because you had faith and you knew that the best was yet to come. You may have cried many nights, you may have not known where your next meal came from, slept on a couch or even your car, done some things you may not be proud of to “survive” and you may not want to admit it but you may have even considered ending it all. But your tears were not in vain and look where God has brought you. No it wasn’t easy and some things may be even painful to relive. Yet it’s nothing to be ashamed of and we all should know that you can never deny your past. With that being said I encourage people to share their testimony to someone who really needs that encouragement. Because you just may be that one person that will give them faith to carry on and follow their dreams. Some people look at certain people and think they have it easy and had life served to them. Stop faking and let them know how hard you had to fight for what you have and how you may still be fighting right now !!So in closing the point I’m trying to make is there is nothing wrong with moving forward but never forgets how far you came. And once the opportunity arrives, reach behind you and pull someone else in the right direction. You will be surprised how much something as small as a word of encouragement or being a mentor could make a major change in someone’s life. Because paying it forward is priceless❣


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