Toxic people are similar to weeds . Both growing from the same soil yet if not separated can strangle kill or deter you from growing . Now Of Course this is more figuratively than literally (I.e. Your dreams , backstabbing , envy ,negative energy,stepping on your toes, rumors , defamation of character, blocking your blessings , ect) but the reality is it’s unfortunate that people in your life that endured the “struggle” with you can become instantaneously toxic as soon as a breakthrough occurs . Hence the saying the people closest to you can cause you the most harm .

Here are a few ways “weeds” are similar to Toxic people and support why it’s so imperative to remove these people out of your life before it’s too late .

* Faster Growth Rate

Weeds that have a fast growth rate or many numbers often outpace desirable plants nearby, more efficiently using soil moisture and nutrients to grow faster, and “choking out” other plants nearby.

* such as weeds toxic people in your circle may view you as “competition” without you having the slightest clue. Therefore you have to be careful who you share your dreams with because some people will discourage you only to pick up where you left off . Then you have people who wish you well as long as you aren’t doing better than them . You’ll be surprised how many people pray for your downfall that smile in your face daily. Coming from a stranger it’s more receptive   But when you value someone’s opinion then it can really hurt you when they continue to attempt to kill your dream.

Greed is a horrible thing and people will do the ugliest things to climb up to the top and remain there . Even if it takes kicking you off or sabotaging your journey !!!*

* Efficient Use of Soil Moisture

Plants are opportunistic, growing roots wherever water is available. An abundance or crowding of plants in an area will cause a large matrix of roots, all seeking water.

*Growth is key in all aspects in life !! Therefore it is important to surround yourself with like-minded and positive people to help you grow . Doing otherwise will only put you in a crabs in a barrel situation which is similar to being a plant surrounded by weeds.  They both are very “draining ” and can prevent you from growing to your full potential *

* Blocking Sunlight

Another advantage to being a faster, stronger plant is that the larger robust plant will be able to spread its stems and leaves out to catch more sunlight. Nearby plants that are sharing space with the “weed” will receive less sunlight and not have as healthy or strong of growth.

* this is similar to blocking your blessings . Also this reverts back to being selective in what you share with certain people .  Especially your weaknesses because they will use them against you when you least expect it . Such A weed to a plant blocking the one thing it need the most to survive which is the sun *

* Overpowering Numbers

When thousands of seeds germinate simultaneously in a parcel of soil, the limited space and resources are all shared by the same plants, weed or not. If one species of plant, the weed, physically outnumbers the desirable plant, chances are that more weeds will grow, survive and outlast the fewer numbered good plants nearby.

* being amongst positive and like-minded people is so essential that I can’t stress it enough . This particular breakdown doesn’t need an explanation . But in closing I will say this ! Let’s thank God that we have the ability to “uproot ” ourselves from a hostile environment and move forward . Sometimes you just may be amongst the wrong type of people . But just because they’re in a rut and are toxic doesn’t mean you have to become them or just be defeated . Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and do what’s best for you . You have to remove yourself from anything that’s blocking your blessings and draining you emotionally , physically , mentally and spiritually !!

In order to start a new chapter you must end the previous one . Don’t be a plant !! You’re never stuck in a toxic situation nor do we have caregivers that will pull our weeds for us . It’s your responsibility to maintain your garden !! Your dreams !!!  Your aspirations !!! Your drive !! Your sanity !!! Your joy !!! And all things that make you you !!!  No one is perfect so there may come a time that you may overlook a weed or two throughout your life journey . You may even face a situation where all the signs reveal to you that a certain person is toxic and you really don’t want to separate yourself from that person due to the time invested into that “friend ” or “relation” -ship  . But the worse thing you can do for yourself is ” cling on to a mistake only because you invested so much time into making it”. Cycles can be broken and you have the power to do so. Just remember no matter how toxic a person or situation may be you ultimately have the power to release your self from

That prison. Therefore there is no victims in this game of life !!! You are not a plant !! Therefore you have free will !! So in reality the only person getting in the way of your

Growth is YOU!!!  You can’t help what you don’t know or understand but once you are enlightened its your responsibility to Grow through it !


  1. you are a great writer! thank you for sharing this! as i’ve gotten older i have really tried to surround myself with good, encouraging, and positive people and along the way i’ve definitely had to weed out the toxic ones and it hasn’t always been easy ❤

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