Midnight soundtrack *Have you heard *

Click link to hear Thank you by :Estelle via sound cloud

“…So I thank you for making me a woman .😏✌🏽️”

This artist and track is a classic so it really needs no introduction . Thank you by Estelle tells a story that we all lived a time or two . I chose this song because it matches perfectly with my latest blog . 

Becoming a woman you learn to find the good in goodbye and strength to push through the pain . We regardless of the situation we are never victims just students . We learn from each tear and learn how to break cycles that will ultimately make you a better woman . Some women. Choose to be bitter after heartbreak and wish their exes Ill will . But not me !! I wish them all well and thank them for the hell they put me through. Because at the end of the day i learned something new about myself that sharpened my iron . They opened my eyes to things I was so naive about as well as forced me to look myself in the mirror and face my own demons . 

Yes ‼️‼️‼️ It hurt like hell but I’m still alive and you know what they say about “what doesn’t kill you “😏😏💪🏽 It only make you stronger . So thanks boo 😚 I ain’t mad at cha ❣✌🏽️


Midnight soundtrack *Have you heard *

Click to experience James Blake : life round here via YouTube

Part time love is the life for me …. We’re never done ❣

 Have You ever experienced a cut so deep you could literally close your eyes and reenact a moment of forbidden bliss . A moment in your life where you and someone had no clue where you were Headed but the passion between the two of you was all that matters at that moment ? The confusion of why you can’t get enough of this person can drive you up the wall . Yet no matter how far or how long you try to isolate yourself or fight that feeling burning inside some how  some way you always end up “at square one “?? 

 Almost like twin flames beautiful yet dangerous together ? 

If the answer is yes click the link I gifted you for tonight or if you have Apple Music pull it up on your playlist. Lay back , close your eyes , get lost in the music and allow yourself to reminisce a little bit . And if that person is still in your life or may have finally became your better half then  take the time out to flashback on some of those carefree nights you use to share . 😉

Enjoy and you’re welcome 💋💋

Midnight soundtrack *Have you heard *

NoReg by:Skye Townsend

“And I don’t know how to feel

I’m not used to real ,

It’s too real”

Classic track for this midnight hour . Still can’t believe she’s not on iTunes but I promise you Skye Townsend is worth a trip to soundcloud. She’s so smooth and poetic !  I invite you to give this track a spin .

Check her out and tell me what you think I’m the comment section below ❣