Why are some Blessed people so bitter ?  I see so many people on my TL that are experiencing great things yet are so bitter ! Yes people have and probably always will doubt me and my dreams . But I’m thankful for my adversity . So please believe when this Door finally opens for […]

Why do some women use sex as a “weapon”?  When misusing your “Power” can ultimately leave you “Powerless “… Some people call it  “P” power because they use sex as a weapon . But such as any weapon when you don’t know what you’re doing “playing with fire “can ultimately cause self inflicted pain. I […]

Do you truly know what love is???🤔   No I’m not asking if you heard it? But have you seen, felt and experienced it ? 🤔      The point is that Some people give “words” so much power that we overlook the “actions” . We assume it’s love because they told us so ! Then […]