Million dollar question! 

How many ‘Nos’ will it take you to make a change ?

Steve job once said:For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

🤔 Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself “if today were the last day of your life , would you want to do what you’re about to do today ?
✨✨✨ if not I challenge you to do this for atleast 30 days! ✨✨✨

                 ⭐️ After those 30 days ! ⭐️
🤔 if the answer was NO ,how many days in a row has the answer been ‘NO’ for you ???? 
     🤔 How many days , months , or years will it take to convince you that you need to make a change ? 
🤔 And once you hit your limit what are you going to do about it !  
🤔What would you change ? 
🤔How would you change it ? 
🤔 Do you have an exit strategy if needed ? 
⭐️ this quote really made me dig deeper and hopefully it will benefit someone else as well once you answer these questions. 

   If you would like to share your answer or thoughts of this entry please comment below . If not I still encourage you to jot this down in a journal or even reflect and plan with a good friend or mentor.⭐️
Love you all and be blessed ! We have less than six months to either end this month with a bang or plant seeds in order to start the new year off on the right foot! Let’s make it happen !!! I’m rooting for all of you from the known to the unknown ! 😁👍🏽


Riddle me this ❣️

Why are some Blessed people so bitter ? 

I see so many people on my TL that are experiencing great things yet are so bitter ! Yes people have and probably always will doubt me and my dreams . But I’m thankful for my adversity . So please believe when this Door finally opens for me the last thing I’m gonna do is waste a second of my life to post stuff to “stunt” or talk down to people that are still trying to make it . 

Money comes and goes and tomorrow is never promised therefore being full of yourself  will do nothing but block ur blessings . Not to mention make yourself a walking target .  In my In my opinion I strongly believe that if your point in life is to prove others wrong then you will never be happy because you’re constantly putting on a show . Therefore you are merely a slave to your naysayers. You should strive to the point that what others think don’t matter . Let your joy be your motivation not others hate . Then instead of you appearing to be a target you will be an inspiration to the next person and in return help someone else want better in their lives . Because In reality at the end of the day that’s what it’s suppose to be all about . Making your footprint in the sands of time . Right ? 

 Or you can continue to be bitter and choose to step on others to get to the Top. Just keep in mind that You may be at the top of the mountain now but don’t be so consumed with trying to get everyone to notice that you fail to see the two people behind you that are about to push you over . 

Riddle Me This …

Why do some women use sex as a “weapon”?  When misusing your “Power” can ultimately leave you “Powerless “…

Sex is a game , a weapon, a toy , a joy , a trance , an enlightenment, a loss , a hope.”- sallie tisdale

Some people call it  “P” power because they use sex as a weapon . But such as any weapon when you don’t know what you’re doing “playing with fire “can ultimately cause self inflicted pain.

I have no clue how this plague started ! The plague that has poisoned so many women’s minds from youth till now . What exactly happened that made certain women treat their bodies as an “asset” and not their temple ? What caused some of us to compensate sex with love ? When some feel lonely they’re so quick to make a phone call to “mr. Wrong ” to feel complete even if it is for that moment . Some even use it to attain validation or to even climb the “ladder ” of “success”.

Some think they’ve got it all figured out but in reality their spiraling out of control. You lose sense of reality and some even become numb . Some become infected, some become addicted, some even cause self inflicted pain , some even end up where they’ve literally and figuratively bent over backwards for years not to be and that’s alone .

“So many years of education yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important.”

How was this seed planted ? Could it really be possible that so many “silent cries” have been left unheard ?? 😪
I pray for my future daughter daily . I pray that I stay attentive and love her to The moon and back. I pray that she is blessed with a father that will love her unconditionally and open her eyes to the things I was never taught as a child . I pray my little girl will look in the mirror everyday and see her crown and realize her true power isn’t between her legs but between her ears…

Riddle Me This ….. 🤔

Do you Believe social media can ruin a relationship?

:Do you believe social media can ruin a relationship?::

“I don’t believe social media ruins relationships .Dishonesty and sneakiness does ❣ “~Unknown

*just my personal opinion because even though this isn’t “reality” how you carry yourself on here reflects how you do in real life . Meaning if you don’t respect your partner in the streets than social media is just another outlet for your habits.

People just need somebody or something to blame for their issues‼️ but truth be told if social media didn’t exist you not only would still be getting cheated on but would also not have found out as fast ‼️😂😂💯 so I guess it’s a catch 22 😂😂

So don’t be fooled “Unplugging” doesn’t guarantee anything ‼️ and if your cheating partner Is pressuring you to do so she or he is only trying to cover his or her tracks . If your relationship is transparent then it shouldn’t matter how many sites the both of you are on .

BUT what I do believe is social media can at times isolate you from reality as an individual . Meaning this may become addictive and cut into your productive time . Which is a valid reason to detox from time to time . Communication is key in all aspects of life especially relationships . Therefore getting back into the basics can really spark things up .

Meaning :
💚Less texting and more talking

💚No more subliminal memes and actually speaking what’s really heavy on your heart

💚less sharing and more keeping those special moments “special”

💚instead of trying to convince the world how much you love your partner . Dedicate that time and energy to remind him or her .

💚log off and get lost with each other

💚update each other about your day instead of your status

💚less exposure and more mystery

💚when you’re “bored ” try somethings new together versus scrolling your timelines


And the list can go on and on ❣ I mean I’m not an expert (clearly 😂😂😂) but one thing I am for sure is super observant . And what I’ve learned is that most long-term married couples are too consumed with each other and their lives to really get lost in the webs of social media . Yes they have accounts but that’s not their life nor is it a Heavy habit unless it’s business related .

I don’t know about you but I’ll trade “likes” for Love any day ❣😍 and on that note I’m done before I start rambling 😂😂😂
So now that you know my opinion of this question I would love to hear if you agree with me or not . 🤔 💭

Power off and Turn me on ❣ #antisocialmedia

Riddle me this ….  

Do you truly know what love is???🤔   No I’m not asking if you heard it? But have you seen, felt and experienced it ? 🤔

     The point is that Some people give “words” so much power that we overlook the “actions” . We assume it’s love because they told us so ! Then on another note when you are codependent you choose to be ignorant of the facts to experience temporary bliss .

 It’s sad 

It’s disheartening  

But it’s reality!