Greetings and Salutations

Well I finally made my first step of productivity!!  aren’t you proud of me !!  But seriously all of my friends know I have been talking about starting my own blog for a few years now. Unfortunately one of my biggest vices is my procrastinating spirit. I always post my thoughts or share inspirational finds from time to time that you all fairly enjoy.  Yet due to battling with my own trials and mental blocks my dream of reaching out to more people was always thrown in the back burner. But today is a new day and from this day forward i will make the choice to “finish what i started” (thanks Krystal ).

   But first let’s be clear THIS IS NOT YOUR ORDINARY BLOG !! some of my entries will be pieces I have previously shared throughout the years only because i would love to open my comments up to hear how you really feel about it and maybe have an open discussion about it.  there may be pieces that i randomly thought of during work or while i was away from my laptop and in return had time to revise and even edit it to perfection .Then there will be organic entries like this where i am merely pouring my heart onto my keys therefore you may discover typos or even areas where a certain punctuation would’ve been used.  Hell depending on how I’m feeling at the moment you may even find a few run on sentences !!  But the point i’m trying to make is if when you are reading my blogs and that’s the main thing that stands out to you then apparently you are here for all the wrong reasons.  I also will feature other things that i love such as art , music , photographs , quotes, behind the scenes footage of my current projects and much more so hopefully i will turn you on to some new things through out this journey of mines. 

     I know a few of you may be wondering what “Meraki” means and why I chose to use it as the name of my blog. Well  Meraki [may-rah-kee]  is actually a Greek word meaning  doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be. So of course after months and months of playing around with titles this was the one that really stuck to me.  Also “Mara” is from my name so that really doesn’t need that much explanation.

   Well i wanted to keep this post short and sweet so i want to just thank everyone for visiting my page.  Just as i am this page is a work in progress so as time goes by i will get more familiar with this and you will see less glitches and typos. I am open to questions as well as blog suggestions so please feel free to email or post comments.

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